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Michigan License Calls
Jan 29, 2021

As in the past, Michigan License calls have been extremely difficult to fill. Several upcoming projects in Michigan will require a Michigan License.

The State of Michigan will allow an Electrician to register as a Registered Apprentice if they can provide proof of a Department of Labor Certificate of Completion Certificate of an Electrical Apprenticeship. The Contractor’s Master Electrician will need to sign the application to become a registered apprentice and then send a copy of the completed application to the State of Michigan.

Beginning January 1, 2017 Michigan Licensed calls will go on our recorder to give any Michigan Licensed Journeyman the opportunity to utilize their license, if the call should go unfilled the call will then be reworded to say “Proof of a Michigan Journeyman’s License or must have Proof of a DOL Certificate of Completion of an Electrical Apprenticeship” You will need to show the Hall this proof when picking up the referral.

State of Michigan Licensing Information

Many of the jobs in Michigan require a state license.  This page is intended to help you with this.  We are not the contact for the state, so if you have any questions, please reach out to them directly.  (517) 241-9302

Technical Questions for the Bureau of Constructions Codes:  LARA-BCC-Service@michigan.gov

State of Michigan Electrical Licensing Process

State of Michigan Electrical Licensing - Applying Online Instructions

State of Michigan Online Licensing Portal - This is the link to use to apply online and manager your account.  If you are a Book 2 from out of state, getting a letter from your local would be the best route to go.  Have them write a letter stating how many hours you've worked as a journeyman, when you became a journeyman, and apprenticeship dates if you went through one.

State of Michigan Address Update Instructions - If you've moved, you'll have to update your address so that you'll get your yearly renewal in the mail.  


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