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Join Electrical Workers of Local 153 TODAY!

Welcome Electrical Workers!

There is an overwhelming demand for Electrical Workers with some of the nation's largest, most prestigious employers. As well as many smaller, family-owned companies with great reputations, both providing years of steady, reliable work.

This website is informative and enables you to apply for work with more than 60 of our residential-commercial-industrial-telecommunication contractors with a single online form.

The application form lets us know you're interested and helps determine the amount of electrical experience you have. After submitting the form, someone will contact you to explain your options based on your level of expertise. If you desire more training or refine your skills, we can help you achieve those goals. We want you to be the best and safest Electrical Worker you can be!

If you're an Electrical Worker employed by an open shop and want to begin or continue your journey to journeyman status with the IBEW, this is THE place for you!

Apply today! Join the Electrical Workers of local 153!

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have been partners for over 100 years. Together, we have developed first-class training programs for electrical workers. We continuously advance our training to deliver the most skilled and productive electricians to the Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan regions. 

Follow this link to watch "A day in the life of an IBEW apprentice."

IBEW members operate under a self-imposed code of excellence. We take pride in our work, safety, and the ability to keep our partner contractors profitable. There is a reason why over 16,000 contractors nationally choose IBEW labor!

If you want superior wages, high-quality benefits, and safe working conditions, please join us on the IBEW team!

There’s a growing shortage of skilled tradespeople in the US construction industry, and that shortage is predicted to last for a very long time. Now is the best time in decades to be a union electrical worker. Our trade is quickly expanding with new types of work. 30 years ago, we didn’t have wind-power, solar-power, and data-center projects. Now they are a huge part of...
There’s no question that our members’ wages and benefits are exceptionally better than their non-union counterparts. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics* the median weekly wage of construction workers in 2018 was: Union = $ 1,210 Non-Union = $ 819 The reason for this nearly 50% difference is very simple: it's collective bargaining...
Each local has its own retirement and health plans, and they generally surpass their non-union counterparts by a wide margin. In most locals, these plans are 100% paid by the employer – nothing is deducted from your wages. These plans ensure that you and your family will have access to healthcare and a quality retirement.  Do you have a good retirement plan? Consider...
Top pay, benefits, & pension –The IBEW has better pay and more access to pension and healthcare plans than non-union electrical workers. Our employer-paid healthcare and retirement plans mean you and your family can live better. We negotiate our wages as a group, which means our total combined wage and benefit package is much higher on average...
We work with employers to provide them with the skilled workers they need, whenever and wherever they are required. Our employers use the local union dispatch system when hiring various classifications of electrical workers. Our union contractors obtain the work and use our members to man the work.

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