• If you find yourself short on work
    Updated On: Jul 26, 2019
    If you find yourself unemployed or underemployed, the first thing you should do is go down to the hall and sign the book. Often other locals in our area/states let it known to us of future workforce needs. There are websites out there like http://where2bro.com that help you find where the work is. You can use the “tramp guide” otherwise known as the local union directory. To get in contact with these locals to check your prospects before you travel. Some locals need what is referred to as a good guy letter from the hall before you go so its best to call ahead to see what the requirements are from the local/s you plan to visit, everyone does it a little different. So by now, you know the work outlook and what you need when you arrive. So before you leave, you should make sure your dues are paid up, and you might want to pay ahead, paying ahead a few months makes it easier to track if you are up to date by the local you are visiting. Also, you need to make sure the information in your “ERTS” (electronic reciprocal transfer system) account is accurate. You are only allowed to be on book one at one local. However, you can be on several book 2’s. Each local has a different resign policy, so make sure you get that information when you sign. Also, you need to let us your home local know what books you signed. This is for resigns, and when you get a call back at home, so your name can be removed from the other book 2’s you signed. 
    If you take a call out of a different local you are going to want to get a copy of the agreement you will be working under and that locals tool list as well as wage and benefits sheet to make sure your monies are correct including benefits.
    If you are unwilling to travel or unable to travel for work and want to stick around home for reasons of your own you need to check with the hall, and they can let you know what options are available. 

  • 56475 Peppermint Road
    South Bend IN, 46619

    Activate HealthCare Clinic 
    3371 W Cleveland Road, Suite 120
    South Bend, IN 46628

    Phone: (574) 218-6700
    You can reach the clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    (You must make an appointment.)


    The clinic will be available:
    Monday - Friday
    Monday 7am-6pm
    Tuesday 9am-7pm
    Wednesday 6am-6pm
    Thursday 9am-7pm
    Friday 6am-4pm

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