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  • Job Calls
    Jul 205, 2019
    Viewing is open daily from 09:30am est and remains open until 8:00am est the following business day.
    Mar 74, 2019
    Bidding will begin daily at 4:30pm est and remain open until the following business day at 9:00am est. Please call the hall after 9:30am est. to see if you were successful on a job bid. WE WILL NOT CALL YOU !
    Jan 18, 2021
    IBEW LOCAL UNION 153 HIRING HALL RULES, PROCEDURES & RESIGN POLICY WE ARE A IN PERSON ORIGINAL SIGN! JOBLINE: 574-287-8655 AFTER 4:30PM est. When prompted push 2 WEBSITE: www.ibew153.com 1. Hours of registration are Monday - Friday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm est. WE DO NOT CLOSE FOR LUNCH. 2. Applicants for employment must sign the appropriate "Out of Worklist". READ MORE...
    May 135, 2020
    Area Contractors are looking for Residential & Installer Tech's (low voltage) as well.
    Jan 15, 2019
    As in the past, Michigan License calls have been extremely difficult to fill. Several upcoming projects in Michigan will require a Michigan License. The State of Michigan will allow an Electrician to register as a Registered Apprentice if they can provide proof of a Department of Labor Certificate of Completion Certificate of an Electrical Apprenticeship. READ MORE...
    Jan 10, 2019

    We do not accept voicemail messages for job bids.

    If our internet is down, there will be no web update or job line (we have internet phones); if our webpage is inoperable, please be sure to call our job line at 800-986-1054 or 574-287-8655 to listen to the recording.


    Jul 205, 2019
     If you find yourself unemployed or underemployed, the first thing you should do is go down to the hall and sign the book. Often other locals in our area/states let it known to us of future workforce needs. There are websites out there like http://where2bro.com that help you find where the work is. You can use the “tramp guide” otherwise known as the local union directory. To get in contact with these locals to check your prospects before you travel. Some locals need what is referred to as a good guy letter from the hall before you go so its best to call ahead to see what the requirements are from the local's you plan to visit, everyone does it a little different. So by now, you know the work outlook and what you need when you arrive. So before you leave, you should make sure your dues are paid up, and you might want to pay ahead, paying ahead a few months makes it easier to track if you are up to date by the local you are visiting. Also, you need to make sure the information in your “ERTS” (electronic reciprocal transfer system) account is accurate. You are only allowed to be on book one at your home local. However, you can be on several book 2’s. Each local has a different resign policy, so make sure you get that information when you sign. Also, you need to let us, your home local know what books you have signed. This is for resigns, and when you get a call back at home, so your name can be removed from the other book 2’s you signed. 
    If you take a call out of a different local you are going to want to get a copy of the agreement you will be working under and that locals tool list as well as wage and benefits sheet to make sure your monies are correct including benefits.
    If you are requiring resigns in other Locals, you have to send a request to mhan@ibew153.com or you will not be resigned.
    Jan 29, 2021
    For videos to assist with filing for unemployment click HERE. The below questions and answers have been updated pursuant to Executive Order 20-05 and Executive Order 20-12. HOW DO I FILE? Q1.How do I file for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits? A1. Online, using a computer or smart phone. READ MORE...
    Jan 29, 2021
    MICHIGAN UNEMPLOYMENT Michigan.gov/UIA Please use the link above to go to the MIWAM (Michigan Web Account Manager) for FAQ, Filing and more. Click here for videos to assist you in filing. READ MORE...

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