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How the Union Finds Work for You
Dec 29, 2021

Our Contractors bid and get the work. When they need additional manpower, they request from the union. Our members then bid according to their number on the book ( no seniority, longest one out of work has the first chance at a job ). upon success with your bid, you can work that project only, or stay with a local contractor until your retirement. Work and your decision dependant.

If work is slow in our area, or you wish to work on a particular job ( Google, Amazon, Nuke Power generation plant), or you wish to travel and see the country while also making some income. You can work out of another IBEW jurisdiction. With just a dues receipt from our local, you have access to the work they have. You already know how much you will be paid. And what the project you are trying to work on schedule is. ( 4-10’s, 7-12’s…)  

We work with employers to provide them with the skilled workers they need, whenever and wherever required!

Our employers use the local union dispatch system when hiring various classifications of electrical workers.

Our union contractors obtain the work and use our members to man the job!



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