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Jan 04, 2024


WEBSITE: www.ibew153.com

1. Hours of registration are Monday - Friday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm est. WE DO NOT CLOSE FOR LUNCH.

2. Applicants for employment must sign the appropriate "Out of Worklist". Any applicant for employment that is currently performing electrical work of any type i.e. "working with the tools," or anyone currently working for a Signatory Contractor in any capacity within the jurisdiction of Local 153, shall not be allowed to sign or remain on any "Out of Work List". *This excludes sanctioned salting by Local 153 and all sanctioned working "out of classification" within the jurisdiction of IBEW Local Union 153.

3. All applicants shall be required to furnish verified proof of work experience approved by the Hiring Hall Administrator to qualify for employment.

4. All "Specialty Calls and Foreman Calls by Name" will be subject to the discretion of the Business Manager as to their validity and need.

5. The employer shall have the right to call Foreman by name provided: (a) The employee has not quit his previous employer within the past two weeks. (b)The employer shall notify the business manager in writing of the name of the individual who is to be requested for employment as a Foreman. Upon such request, the Business Manager shall refer said Foreman provided the name appears on the highest priority group. (c) When an employee is called as Foreman, he must remain as a Foreman for 1,000 hours or must receive a reduction in workforce.

6. Book II, III and IV applicants for employment must fill out an "Application for registration Form" so, the Hiring Hall has the proper information to make referrals. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Hiring Hall of any address or phone number changes.

7. IBEW Local Union 153 and NECA have adopted a random Substance Abuse policy. All applicants being referred will be given the opportunity immediately after referral to become eligible per the Random Substance Abuse Policy.

8. Book I Monthly resign is between the 10th - 16th (no early or late reigns will be accepted) of each month between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm est. The resign may be made by:

               1. Online, thru the ibew153.com website.
               2. Email, resign@ibew153.com please include your name, card number, and phone number in the subject line.
               3. By calling 574-287-8655 ext 211, leave a voicemail with your name, card number and phone number.

Book II Monthly resign is between the 10th - 16th (no early or late reigns will be accepted) of each month between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm est. The resign may be made by:
               1. the applicant in person or
               2. From the applicant's Local Business Manager via fax (574) 233-5334) or Email mhan@ibew153.com. We prefer Book II resigns be done by your home local.

9. Applicants on the "Out of Work List" may call 574-287-8655 between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am est to bid on various jobs. Or visit our website at www.ibew153.com between the hours of 4:30pm and 9:00am est for Online bidding. An applicant can put his or her name on more than one call, but the applicant must specify 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc. At 9:00am est, the calls are closed and no further applicant bids are accepted. Referrals slips are printed and the jobs are issued. During the bidding process, an applicant has until 9:00am est to withdraw his or her bid. If rescined after the call has been finalized at 9:00am est, the applicant loses his or her place on the "Out of Work List". He or she will then be notified to return to the Hall to sign the bottom of the "Out of Work List".

10. If necessary, the dispatcher has the discreation of setting the call back time for the applicants to verify his or her bid acceptance; at no time will that time be later than 10:30am est. The applicant will also be instructed to come to the Hiring Hall to sign for the referral slip. If the applicant is unable to come in person, he or she must make other arrangements with the Business Manager. If the referral slip has not been signed by the applicant by 1:00pm est on the second business day, the call will be put back on the recorder and the applicant loses his or her place on the "Out of Work List" and will be notified to return to the Hall to sign the bottom of the "Out of Work List".

11. Applicants will be allowed unlimited turndowns without penalty.

12. If the referred applicant is rejected, "turned around", by the contractor, the call will then be placed on the recorded again that night. The identical call will not affect the status/position of the rejected applicant.

13. The dispatcher will fill any job offers not filled at 9:00am est, as he or she deems necessary until 4:00pm est that day on a first come first serve basis. All new calls or any unfilled calls from that day will be put on the recorder that night and referrals will be filled the following day.

14. If you are ready to go to work, please visit our website at www.ibew153.com to view our calls. Our website lists all the calls for employment and relative information as relayed to us by the employers. 

15. In the event that Local union 153's Book I becomes "clear", members working out of town will be notified that they are needed at home to man our work. The Business Manger will determine when Book 1 is considered clear. To avoid double-booking, please notify our Union office if you take an indefinite call in another jurisdiction. 

1. Calls of fourteen (14) calendar days or less are considered a "short call".

2. Names will be restored to the appropriate place on the book when the applicant presents a termination slip from the employer showing termination was through no fault of their own and work was for fourteen (14) calendar days or less.

3. When on a short call, applicants can, while working, bid on an indefinite call, in our jurisdiction only. You cannot quit a short call to take another short call or an out-of-jurisdiction call without losing your place on the book.

4. Under no circumstances shall a "short call" be extended into an "indefinite call".

                                     CHECK YOUR STATUS ONLINE
Log on to www.ibew153.com, click on the Job Calls tab, click on Online Job Bidding. Login (Username is your card number and Password is your Last name and Last four digits of your Social Security number.) Then follow the prompts.

IBEW Local 153
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